28 November 2008

The Kitchen

Who wants to have a look at our kitchen...this is for some of our friends who have heard all about it but haven't seen it yet..I know you want to have a nosey..... (and for anyone else who's interested) here are some photo's..

Tony did a fantastic job..I think he is so talented, he designed the kitchen, handmade everything and fitted it all in perfectly. Mind you... I picked the induction hob which I love and the other appliances and managed to persuade him to let me have the wall tiles, which change colour depending on the light.

I can't say it was plain sailing as you all know I like to poke my nose in now and again.... and poor Tony only had weekends to work on it. The only thing that was supplied and fitted by an outside company were the granite work tops.

I have problems trying to shape cards, but Tony can make anything out of timber, rounded cabinets, fancy plinths problem.
I know it's not massive but it's has got everything that I wanted....

Just to say thank you, Tony,
I love it and you..

..and I just....
wanted to show you all
how clever he is...

Well what do you think???....


Deb said...

Wow, thats a stunning kitchen.
I`d love him for that alone lol

Karen J said...

Oh wow and wow again Chris. It's absolutely fantastic. What a clever hubby you have. Just one question though .. you ain't going to cook in there are you? I'd be having take aways every night cos wouldn't want to make a mess!!
Seriously though it's brilliant and a big pat on the back for Tony.
Karen xx

Louise Emma said...

Ooooh you lucky beast Chris..... am stamping my foot now and saying 'I WANT ONE' as loud as I can....!!!!!!!

Carol said...


Beautiful what a talented bloke!!!
Can I borrow him???


val090 said...

Nah, don't believe you lol I think you went to MFI and took some piccys.............. It's absolutely gorgeous too good to cook in.

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Oops I forgot I changed the comment settings on the blog, so anyone can post without the security thing, didn't realise that I'd have to approve the comments, I'll try and change it back now.

Anyway glad you like the kitchen, cooking...what's that? we just starve...he he,

Chris x

Nicola said...

Wowzers Chris, your kitchen is awesome and could be featured in Vogue. Top marks to your very talented hubby. -x-

Sylvia said... this is stunning Chris....he is so talented what a brilliant you lend him out lol x

Hugs Sylvia R x

Wilma said...

Wowww Chris, what a fantastic kitchen you have! You will be a kitchenqueen. Never seen such a gorgeous kitchen.
Its a dream!
Take care

Jackie said...

OMG....... I need your bloke.. and THAT kitchen... awesome .... totally awesome, mine wont look anything near as good as that.. and ive got 'blokes' coming in to do it.... one very very clever hubby... and one beautiful kitchen xx


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