28 November 2008

I've been tagged by Val

Val, a forum and blogging friend has tagged me, well it seems I have to write 7 facts that you may find interesting about me, well I'm not that interesting, but here goes...

1. I love holidays, any type whether it's in our caravan on the beach, in a hotel..skiing, (haven't skied for ages though)... sightseeing..... I don't care as long as I can keep going and we preferably drive there.

I hate flying ....although sometimes you just have do it... furthest place I've flown to is New Zealand, but we spent 3 months there, so I had time to pluck up courage to get on the plane again.

The most exotic place I've visited is Hawaii, and I loved it there.

I love roller coasters...and theme parks, especially the ones in Florida.

I've lived in Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vancouver and a few more places but will always be a Londoner.

. I was married in St Paul's Cathedral.

I was a Mod in the 60's..a Hippie in the 70's I'm just getting old and wanna be young again.

Now it seems I've got to pass this on to 7 other blogger's, once again I'll have to have a think about this and will post them up later..

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