15 February 2009

For MY Valentine

I only send one valentines card, 'cos I've only got one Valentine, and he's been my Valentine since 1967, God, that's a long long time ago.....

Used Robo to make most of this card. Cut the sweetheart using a template made by emerald and the big white heart was a template made by Silene. The heart pocket was made from a template by Lindy Lou. All templates were freebies on UKS. Thank you ladies for sharing them.

The white perlised card used was by the glitter girls, I was surprised the Robo managed to cut through it as it was quite a thick card, had to run it through for four cuts but it cut well, now I know Robo will cut it, I'll use it again. The red perlised card was slightly thinner and only needed two cuts. Used a stamp for the flourish and the bug folder for the dots.

What do you think?


Crafting Joanne said...

Well I think it is absolutely stunning Chris. I so wish I could use my robo, to make such beautiful creations. I bet your Valentine, loved it. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's weekend.

Joanne x

Louise Emma said...

Thats Gorgeous Chris xxx

shellshearer said...

gorgeous hun xxx

val090 said...

Chris, that is absolutely stunning. Is a robo worth investing in?

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Glad you liked the card ladies,

Val I really don't use my Robo to it's full capabilities, but I wouldn't be without it. I do design and cut all the names and greetings for the front of my cards with it, and love it for that, and there are some lovely templates on UKS that people share. Go and have a look at the robo forum on UKS, one thing though you have to have been a member for 30 days before you can get in to download the templates, so if you are thinking of buying one, register now, so you can get some idea of what you can get.
Would I be without it, NO,
Would I buy another one YES,
Have I wanted to throw it out of the window YES

Chris xx

Sylvia said...

Thats stunning love everything about it ....xx


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