17 December 2008

Cool Santa

What do you do for a 21 year old nephew, traditional, robins, holly, religious, cute, no, no, I had no idea, went through all my sheets, Cd's etc. I googled everything I could think of, sexy Santa girls, well I did that last year, Santa playing football, nothing..Arsenal Santa's nope.., cars.. now that might work, I finally found this little image, a bit 60's well yeah, A hippie sort of Santa and a cool a car..

I roughly cut up the image in my graphics program, and decoupaged it into a few layers, those antlers were fiddly, especially as I had decided to change the blade in my craft knife, silly me....grabbed hold of the blade and snapped it in two, the top part stuck right into my finger, ouch *###* so I had a plaster and sellotape wound around the top half of my finger to stop the blood going all over the card, every time I pressed down on the knife, it bl**dy hurt like crazy, but I persevered and this is what I managed to do.

After I decoupaged the image I glittered it up a bit. Then took an A5 topper from the Artylicious Seasons Greetings cd into my graphics programs and changed the colours a bit. Copied that into Greetings Card Factory and did the greetings and name. Once printed, I glittered the tree with black stickles then glittered the greeting, name and snowflakes with a glue pen and glamour dust. Added the image to the backing sheet and mounted it onto silver miri card. As it was larger than a folded A4 card, I cut down to size an A3 white perilised card, (Yes it's white) ...And managed to get no blood on it..

Hope you like it...

Comments always appreciated


Louise Emma said...

That is soooo cool, he will love it!!!!!!!!!

Crafting Joanne said...

It's brilliant Chris, well done. Joanne x


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