2 November 2008

A4 Anniversary Card

This one was for my Sister and Brother In Law's 26th Anniversary.

Used a full size white A4 card, glittered around the edge, and yes the glitter was white, the card was white and the sentiment all silvery.... just my poor photography... card was bought from C&C, I had quite a to do with them about delivery and about £3.00 in phone charges...trying to get it all sorted... but that's another story.

The couple were printed on to glossy photo paper, then decoupaged, quite a few layers on this one. I used Crystal Glitter around the frame, in the trees and on the dress. A silver Pentouch pen on the dress, hat, earrings and beads, and some black peewee glitter on the dress and hat. Matted it onto a glossy black card. Added a couple of black marabou feathers which I've cut the edges off in the photo, a ribbon the same colour as the dress and a little bow, made on the bow maker. The sentiment and names were cut on Robo from glittery silver wrapping paper.

I love this wrapping paper for cutting sentiments, in real life it so smooth, silvery and glittery, and cuts like a dream especially with fiddly bits on the Robo, the settings I used are.. Select film, pressure 17, blue cap, cut twice might be OK with one cut if you have a new blade.
If you have a Craft Robo try it, it's from Clintons, on a roll.

As far as the insert is concerned, still haven't figured out how to print one on folded A3 paper, but have wasted loads of paper trying, so I took Joanne's and Louise's advise and just printed it onto a single A4 sheet, and stuck it onto the card.

Hope you like it,

I would love you to leave some comments if you have time...


Louise Emma said...

Lovely card Chris. Love the feathers on deco!

Crafting Joanne said...

Beautiful card Chris, well done. Glad to see you and your cards back posting again xxx

Sylv said...

Beautiful card Chris.


Michelle said...

A cute a4 card for anniversary.


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