7 November 2011

Something to brighten a grey day..

Hi there

What a cold miserable day it is today and as it's my day off I thought I show some summery baby cards I made. 
The first three I made for Freddie my great nephew who was born back in the spring. 
This was for my Mum to give. Rachel & Alex  hadn't decided on what to call the baby & Mum was impatient to give the card. So it had no name on it.

I made this one for My sister to give Rachel & Alex, as you can guess we all knew she was having a boy. 
I used downloads from the clipart fairy, along with ribbon, decoupage and embellishments from my stash.

The stork card was from us, I knew his name by the time I'd made the card, shame I didn't know the spelling, it should be Freddie...never mind it was  too late too change it.Don't know what happened to the photo, I must have squashed it somehow, lol...

I made this card back in May last year for a friend, using the same stork decoupage. It's an image which  I use quite a lot, I've had it for ages I think it was from Barbara Clooney, not sure though. 

 Would love to know what you think...if you pop by..


Marita ♫♫♫ said...


Lovely stork cards♥. I love them:)

Hugs, Marita

Jani Lewis said...

Lovely card. All of your little accents are just perfect.


~ Ali ~ said...

fab creations

Ali x

Shoshi said...

Cute baby cards, Chris! Thanks for you comment on my blog - glad you like my silver butterflies.


Elizabeth Hart said...

These are the most adorable baby cards. Just delightful.

Patti Senter said...

Love your baby cards, each one is wonderful. Patti

Chris said...

I want to be you when I grow up...:) Gorgeous!


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