24 July 2009

I have been so naughty

Sorry people, I've been an absent blogger for too long, no it wasn't my garden or all the building work we have going on at the moment, (the dust & mess everywhere is driving me mad), the only room I feel comfortable in at the moment is my craft/computer room, I have made a few cards just haven't got round to posting them, why you might ask, well I found facebook, then I found the silly little addictive games, then I found farm town...and I have been escaping into my little farm, where money is easy to earn, houses are easy to buy..and no dust or
But its taken over my life and I've got to stop, so this weekend I intend to try and catch up with all my blogging, sorry for my lack of comments to you all, will try and get round to everyone this week, and I'll post some cards soon.
I hope when I do start posting you will be able to leave some comments as I've had to change the comments settings as I've had some Chinese site spamming my comments, masses of comments on every post I've made, so I've had to sit and delete them all, now I've turned on comment approval and only registered users can comment, hope it doesn't cause you problems. Catch up with you soon


Anonymous said...

So absolutely wonderful to see you back blogging Chris!!! I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations.
Have a terrific weekend. Have fun creating!


Carol said...


Pleased to see you posting and can't wait to see all your makes!

Sound like an ideal life virtual farming I've not got face book coz I thought I'd sped too much time playing!!

Good luck with the building and so sorry you've had spam problems.

Have a great weekend

Sylvia said...

Nice to see you posting Chris, ooohhh I've heard farm house mentioned before and they do say it takes over your life...sorry you've been having problems with spam...

Have a great weekend and can't wait to see your creations...

Sylvia xxx

Crafting Joanne said...

Welcome back to blogland
Lovely to see you back and looking forward to seeing your creations.

Joanne x

Louise Emma said...

Nawty girly! Get back on here!!!!

Debs said...

Hi Chris
great to see you back, youve been missed, I know what you mean about daft games I'm addicted to handyman at the moment,you have to connect the coloured pipes, brain numbingly boring but very addictive.Look forward to seeing your cards.
Hugs Debs

Ila said...

Glad to see you back!!...sorry those nasty spammers have gotten to you....I'll be back to see your Beautiful creations!!...Hugs, Ila

Liz said...

Missing you Chris Keep popping by but nothing Nice to see you posting

Liz x

My'scardcorner said...

Hi Chris nice to see you back Had to laugh as my daughter is into the farm on facebook and says how time consuming and addictive it is.Look forward to seeing you latest cards soon.

shellshearer said...

Lol you is one very nawty

I had that problem with my fairy garden on there is very very addictive...but I think I just got bored on there so don't go on very often anymore...glad to have you bak..anyways get ya arse n gear and start posting ya cards

hugs shell xx


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