12 May 2009

Thanks for the lovely award Liz

Liz who has two lovely blogs gave me this award, thanks a million Liz, I really appreciate it. Please go and check out her blogs, the first one is for an ATC swap. Liz runs the Drayton Lady ATC swaps on the Trimcrafts forum, and has set up this blog to showcase them, maybe sometime I'll get round to making some ATC's, when I do, I know I'll find lots of inspiration here . Liz's other blog is for her card making and ATC's why not pop along and have a look here to see all her lovely creations.

Well as usual this award has got rules, here they are copied from Liz's blog.
You have to give it to a new blog that you have recently come across.
Let them know they have an award, then they must mention your blog when accepting the award .
Now here's the hard must pass it onto 15 other new blogs that you have just recently come across.
......Well this is going to take me a bit of time, but it's going to be fun finding all those lovely blogs..I'll post the new blogs here as I come across them and pass on the award,.. if I give you the award I'd love you to leave a comment to let me know you have accepted it.... they will be in no particular order, I'd better get a move on and start looking...

Here goes....

I've have found a truly beautiful blog, if anyone reads this then you should really go and check out Anias' Blog, Poddasze her work is absolutely stunning and very different, it's all in Polish but who cares the photo's say enough, I just hope she can understand that I've passed the award to her.

No 2... I've found another lovely blog, fab cards and very entertaining , you've probably already found this one but it's new to me, why not go and have a look at Stefs, Glitterbabe Greetings, you won't be dissapointed.

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