25 February 2009

Cartoon Time and a bit of a waffle

Wasn't going to put this on here as the photo's are terrible, then thought what the heck.. Made this for Mason, my great nephew back in January. I'd got the flu and felt awful, got home from work about 4 and had to be at his party by 6. I'd finished the card, only had to print the insert.

1st attempt.... The paper slipped and I had to do it again
2nd attempt... It printed OK, then I realise I'd made it in portrait and it should be landscape.
3rd attempt... Re sized it, moved everything around, re did the border it looked fine...I printed the top half, looked good, folded it the other way printed it, went to stick it in the card then realised that I'd put the fold to the wrong side.... so the top of the insert was upside down.
Now your probably thinking why did she fold the insert in half to print...well I was using an A3 sheet folded in half as I've only got an A4 printer, and why did I do an insert, with so much on it, well....I'd got all these other images that I wanted to brain was just not functioning, I got it right in the end though.

Now for the photo's, It was dark, I was already late for his party...I snapped away, with a light shinning on it, didn't have time to look at them on the PC, so it ended up with me not getting even one that was halfway decent, shadows everywhere or too light. I really shouldn't have got up that day. I'll have to ask if I can have the card back and try and get a better photo. Anyway I've put 2 pics on here one very light and grainy the other full of shadows and grainy, can't make up my mind which is the better of the two, it's a shame I never got a better picture.

Now Mason just loves Tom & Jerry and 101 Dalmatian's, so I thought I make a card with them on it. Found the images on google, decoupaged them, then I searched for a background I could use as I didn't want them to be floating around in the air.
I had a photo of Mason and he was laying in almost the same position as Jerry, so I tried to cartoonize (think that's a word) the photo, decoupaged it and put him next to Jerry on the card.

As it was an A4 card I had a bit of space left so I added a few more decoupage Disney characters. Designed the greeting with design Master and cut them with Robo from sparkly silver paper with a blue miri card mat.

He was well chuffed.. Look Mummy that's me with Tom... he love the inside too, so it was worth all the faffing about, and he's still got it on a shelf in his bedroom.

Here is the original photo of Mason,which I used to make the cartoon image with
I would love you to leave some comments if you have time...


val090 said...

Brilliant idea Chris, I'm glad it went down well, it couldn't fail really, could it?

joolsedesigns said...

Wow!!!!!!!! that is amazing how did you cartoonize Mason what programm did you use

I have added you to my favourite blogs thats the only link that lets me in if I click on your name when you have left a comment it just takes me to a page that says blog is private

Karen J said...

Fantastic card Chris ... love it!!
Karen xx

Crafting Joanne said...

This is super dupper fantastic Chris, what a smashing idea and you've done a great job with the layout and altering the image of Mason. I think both pictures look fine maybe the first being the better of the two.

Joanne x

shellshearer said...

Absolutely gorgeous hun.....he is such a cutie xxx

pop over to my blog there sumfin for ya hun xxx

hope your ok xx

Louise Emma said...

That is just absolutely fantastic hun

gwen said...

Hi Chris
First time I have visited your blog,
you have a lot of gorgeous cards on here.
You made a fantastic job with your sons card, well worth all that effort.
Gwen xx

Liz said...

A first visiting ashamed to say but just love your card and what you did with your newphew's photo Chris, well done. x

Anonymous said...

it`s brilliant chris
chrisa x

Jak Heath said...

this is just brilliant, it's no the wonder he loved it.

Anonymous said...

I love the card Chris, your nephew looks a real sweetie, butter wouldn't melt eh? How did you cartoonise him, it looks fab?

Trace x

Anonymous said...

I agree ! Brilliant! This is amazingly awesome. Your nephew looks adorable with Tom. Love it!

Bev said...

Chris it's brilliant! And what a beautiful child !!! x

Nicola said...

Wow what a wonderful personal card. I love how you have achieved everything to perfection. -x-

CaroleRob said...

Lovely card and so origonal --well done !
i would love to know how you did the cartooning of your great nephew --never heard of this befor.
Carole x


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